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Setters Softball

Coaches: Mr.Lee 

At Pace sports play a vital role in our school community. Softball is among the sports most popular in the school. Many girls try out each year hoping to get in and have a strong system for the sport they love. Our athletes are passionate about every and any sport they try out. Our softball girls are trained by coaches who solely seek the absolute best not only for the schools outcome but for them. Mr. Pino & Lee train their girls hard because they know they’re capable of great things. Through their practices the girls are able to really learn skills not only in their position but in all positions. The team keeps the atmosphere fun, never having having a dull day of practice or games. We fully believe that having fun and doing your best is the best way to get the results desired.

Setters Softball Practice

The girls softball team at pace has practice every Tuesday. In their practices they do drills to prepare and further develop their techniques. The coaches (Lee and Pino) help the girls develop techniques that are used when you are playing in a professional team. They push the girls to try their hardest so that they can exceed at a higher level in the sport. The practice consists of drills where the girls practice fielding, throwing, batting and different ways to catch the ball. The practices last about an hour and a half and within that time the girls take the time to better themselves very seriously.

Setters Softball Games

Softball is a sport enjoyed by all at Pace. The girls put in the effort and get their desired results. With their near perfect season the Captains, Arlenny Diaz and Danielle Belliard, hope the girls continue their strong work ethic even after their graduation this year. They’re excited for the fresh new players and see potential in them. They strongly advise them to never be afraid of making mistakes. Diaz and Belliard are happy about the teams outcome so far and hope they can  continue this for their last two games of the season. With hope to make and possibly win the playoffs; The coaches, Matthew Pino and Nicholas Lee, are confident with their team but will continue to push them to do their best. After, yesterday’s game we really got to see the team dynamic and how much they truly love their sport. All grades came together to celebrate each other and cheer each other on. Through their sideline chants and constant cheering the team never had a dull moment. Laughter and happiness radiated from them at all times. Yet, when it came time to step onto the plate their full focus was on scoring another point. The team really brings out the best of the game, fully serious about the game but also enjoying themselves while striving for the absolute best. All of Pace is behind them and cheering them on with a hope to bring the championship home.