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By: Kadin Person & Salamata Diallo 

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world but we have not expanded that popularity to Pace yet. Soccer began at Pace as a collaboration with a nearby High School, Emma Lazarus and their great victories of winning the championship three consecutive times before being disbanded in the fall of 2015. More recently, Pace began a new soccer team in the fall of 2016 finishing in 4th place.

Mr. Greenblatt: “I hope the team wins a few more games to climb up to the top 4 and for the soccer team to progress, improving the representation of Pace Sports”.

It is time for the setters to get back on their grind and win this season. With hard work and dedication this goal can be achieved. Once the previous seniors of class of 2017 graduated, Micheal Williams became our rising soccer athlete. Michael is looking forward to a great season this fall and making an exceptional impact on the field along with his teammates who are looking forward to making an effort on the soccer team this year.

We hope Pace can rebound from their 0-2 start. It's time for us as a school to support the Pace Soccer team!