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Coach: Leanne O'Sullivan

Volleyball is one of the most enjoyed sports at Pace by many of the students here. Here at Pace both the boys and girls teams are varsity teams. They are both extremely competitive and are players are committed.

How did the players earn their interest for the sport?

Players first earned their interest for the sport by the competitive games played in their gym period. After showing interest Ms. O’ Sullivan (coach) later invites them to play for the school team.

 What did the players learn throughout the season?

The players learned the fundamentals of the sport. They also learn how to cooperate with their other teammates.

 How would the players describe their teammates?

Athletic- students need to show great depth in this sport always try no matter what. 

Supportive- everyone needs to cheer each other on no matter their difference this is a team and we need to cheer each other on

 Focused- students have to be driven mentally and physically

What do players need to work on as a team?

 Staying constant with serves like floater,topspin and jump serve

    Spiking slamming the volleyball over the net into the opposite side

    Back row defense attacks the ball and contacts it at the top of the net

Why do the players think that they lost the playoff game?

They believe that the team lost the playoff game because of lack of communication during the game.