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By Joyce Agyemang

On October 1st the Pace High School Cross Country team ran in the NYC Mayor’s Cup and they finished in 15th place. That is the highest place Pace has ever achieved. The highlight of the race was from senior Captain Raul Vazquez who ran the 2.5 Miles in 16 minutes and 0.26 seconds which made him have a finishing place of 30. The Cross Country team coached by Adam Prado who was interviewed by Kevin Perez, mentioned that the best male runners were Senior Captain Raul Vazquez and Senior Jackie Chen who also finished in the top 100. Prado also mentions that as the school gets bigger the program will improve, Sunday's results are evidence of this improvement.

Continuing on the success, this Tuesday, ninth grader Nathaniel Smith ran the freshman 1.5 Mile race at Prospect Park in 10 minutes and 30 seconds finishing at 11th place. The team looks really promising and has a chance at making the city championships, which would be another first in Pace Cross Country history. You guys should really sign up for the Cross Country team! It’ll be a fun experience and the races are always fun to go to and watch of course, but it’s better when you're on the team. According to Raul Vasquez the vibe of the team is cohesive and fun.