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By: Aby Diagne

I interviewed the girls basketball team coach Mr. Cyphert. Cyphert coached the boys Junior Varsity basketball team but now he coaches the girls team. His top players are Madison Ortiz, Kristin King, Marisol Rodriguez, Takiya Dicks and Zen Edwards. Cyphert played basketball growing up and it was his favorite sport in High School. He wants other students to help support the team by attending the games and respectfully cheering. Last year’s team finished first place in the Manhattan South B Division and making it to the playoffs and having a very fascinating season. They had their first playoff game at home which made the year great for them. The girls worked hard and strived for the best and although the team had their disagreements they nevertheless took the W at the end. We made it far but not far enough! Cypherts expectations for the team this season is to improve in each game, making it to the playoffs and Have Fun!! I, Aby Diagne am the team’s basketball manager along with my colleagues Sierra Mitchell who graduated last year and Janelle Jones who is currently a senior.

The Preseason was bizarre and tense but they tried their best to finish good. Now we have Cypherts key players crushing it and putting their all to push for a win. We also already won our first season game. PROUD OF YOU LADIES!! KEEP STRIVING FOR GREATNESS