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“Tre” by Aeneas Green

“Tre” by Aeneas Green
A young man named Tre, where he grew up in the jects
His mom’s was in-and-out and had a father he never met
Tre felt the world owed him something, he knew things
Had to change, lived a troubled life, Tre just needed guidance,
Friends inducing him to do drugs and live his life in violence
He had plans to get a degree at a Univer-sity, but instead found
Himself in an alley with a pound of weed, damn Tre what you
got yourself into? Right hand with the work, left one firmly
on the pistol, Tre thought this was the day he was finally
gone get paid, by himself some gielas or maybe a pair of j’s.
It was getting late, time is money so Tre knew he couldn’t afford to wait
Pulled out his phone and he checked the time, Tre was fed up,
Called his buyer, asked him “ where you at?
His buyer told him “be there in 5, bro just wait a minute”
Shit seemed fishy, but Tre knew he had to get it
A black civic flashed his vision, saw the window down
barrel out the window, Tre reached for his pistol
But his chances seemed to dwindle, three shots cracked the air
3 shots in his chest
Tre stood laying there in his own pool of blood
The man hopped out the whip and grabbed whatever he could
Sped off down the block, leaving Tre’s body languid
A man passed by and saw Tre laying there in the night
Scooped him up and told him... keep breathing young king
... you gon be aight
Tre’s fighting for his life, his little sister hysterical,
The doctors said the only way that he would survive, was through
A miracle, his family shaken, hopes is getting low, his momma crying
Praying “God, please don’t let my baby go”