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Student Support Services

Pace is a college oriented school with rigorous coursework and high academic expectations. To encourage the growth of our students, Pace offers a number of after-school clubs where they can find the support they need to meet and exceed those expectations. These programs include content specific clubs that take place once a week:

Math Zone
Facilitated by 12th grade math teacher, Mr. Greenblatt, Math Zone is an after school math support and enrichment program. Upper classmen provide assistance for math classes from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus.

Science Club
The Science club is led by Ms. Robin. The club conducts experiments and takes a look at science in everyday contexts. The club has partners with Pace University to see the progression of science after high school. Participation in this club can provide students can assist students struggling to grasp concepts specific to a content by seeing it applied to real world situations.

Tutorials is an after school activity provided daily by teachers in different content areas. The program allows students a space and equipment to work on homework, study or receive additional support on challenging assignments.

Saturday Academy
Saturday Academy is available in the spring as a support for students preparing for regents exams. These academies are led by teachers of the course and often offer smaller groups for more direct instruction.

ICT Services
Integrated Co-Teaching services are offered for Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. These classes have two teachers and support students of all learning styles by providing content through a variety of modalities.

In addition to the After School Programs offered at Pace High School students have access to online supports 

All students have access to Pupilpath where they and their guardians can track their progress and class assignments. A link to the site can be found here.

Algebra Nation
Students who are looking for support in Algebra can use Algebra Nation to watch video tutorials and do practice problems. A link to the site can be found here.