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Volleyball Preseason

By. Joyce Agyemang

                                                                                             GAME  ON!

Game one of the volleyball season began September 24th and the girls have been hitting the gym before the start of the school season! Mr. Lee and Ms. O’Sullivan are the coaches and play a vital role on the team’s performance.


While interviewing Ms. O’Sullivan I asked her various questions, one being her expectations on the outlook of the new season. she claimed "I am excited that there is a new starting six and believe that they are going to do wonderful". I also asked her about the hardest part of coaching when events go unexpected and her response was "to not get frustrated and learn from mistakes". She also mentioned that missing a hit or a dig interrupts performance level since the play kind of lingers.


Star players of the team are Arlenny (best hitter), Rashellie and Tatiana (outstanding setters) and Zen (solid all-around player).

Despite discrepancy with PSAL, the team never fails to defeat their opponents with dignity. 

I do not appreciate the messiness of the PSAL and I am sure the majority will agree with my opinion. Luckily the issue has been partially resolved with an effort led by Coach Lee who got all of the league's coaches and athletic directors to work together and determine which school should host on which day, he reports “I am content that the problem is fixed. Expectations were blew past years because 90% of the court ready girls last year were seniors, so coming into this year I would be lying if I told anybody that expectations were as high as last year, BUT saying that we were getting better very fast especially the 4-5 core players and during our first game expectations were shattered as we played really good skill wise, and even better with team chemistry. As a final thought,  I believe the biggest positive of the season is that we are now a unit rather than a bunch individuals”.