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By: Brandon Legree Simmons 

Although this was not the start Coach Lee expected for the team, he is still confident going into the next series of matchups. The setters started off with a lost due to a PSAL rule violation. The Pace Varsity Basketball team then recorded two victories after the disappointing loss. One against High School for Life Sciences and the other High School for Leadership and Public Service of the season. We interviewed Mr. Lee before the first game to get a gist of where his head was going into the season.

When asked what his expectations were for the season. He told us “we are going to be tall if all of our guys are eligible... point guards need to be traditional point guards.” The college style playbook Coach Lee inputs requires a skilled true point guard to facilitate and lead the offense, this is something he is trying to develop into his cast this year. We also asked him what are some highlights in the team’s history, he responded “We made the showcase the last 4 out of 5 years and made the final 8 twice.” This Pace Varsity team has much to live up to this year if they wanna repeat these past feats and possibly win a city championship.