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Written by: Tristian Ng

Edited by: Dajahnique Nixon


The Co-Ed Soccer Team begins their first match of the Fall Season against their sister school Emma Lazarus!


The match kicked off with an impressive block by our starting goalie Jayden G. with an outstanding 7 blocks from Emma Lazarus’s lead striker. The team had a great first half with intense defense from Luis R., Alex F., and Tristan N, retaining the score 0-0 with great defense from all three starters. Leading the game with 20 minutes left in the first half, the freshmen have been substituted into the game for the starting defenders to close off a great first half. While time began to whine down; the score grew with Emma Lazarus leading 5-0 closing the first half.


During the halftime pep talk, Coach Macias started out main starters along with Captain Bonfilio. As the second half started, the team played their hearts out with a small chance of hope by Luis’s assist to Bonfilio for a goal making the game 5-1. But Emma Lazarus kept the game difficult making the score 7-1 closing the game with 5 minutes left to play. This was a tough battle played by our talented team, but they have a long season ahead of them. GO SETTERS!

Post-Game Interview:

“Although we lost, we had a great first game. We need to focus more on our passing game and playing as a coherent unit. The team is looking steady with great talent and I believe we can come back and learn from our mistakes on and off the field. We have to work hard and really want to make an impact on the field in the future."


Alex F.