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Earth Science teacher, Joshua Paris


Earth Science

Message from Mr.Paris -

"We need a new generation of young scientists to solve these problems."


Course Description:

Earth Science is a course in which the student will engage in scientific inquiry, demonstrate proficiency in scientific disciplines, and acquire the facts, concepts, principles and approaches through which he/she can understand the earth, its inhabitants and its relationship to the universe. 

Curriculum: There are four major areas of study in this course:

  1. The Earth’s Composition and Structure-this will include layers of the Earth, rock and mineral characteristics, use of rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, earthquake zones, and subduction.

  2. The Atmosphere-this will include the water cycle and human population, atmospheric structure, atmospheric energy, and the ocean currents effects on land and weather.

  3. The Structure of the Universe- this will include structure of the Earth, moon, sun system, planets, stars, and galaxies.

  4. The Human Effects- this will include information on Earth’s resources and population, and human culture and environmental policy.

Mr.Paris teaching his third period class.

Third Period working on a scale model of the Solar System.

Left to right. Joshua Paris, Ayana Flores, and Hadiyah Mohamed

Gamal Fares and Siting Zeng.