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Algebra II/ Trigonometry

Kathleen Lyons, Algebra II/Trigonometry Teacher

Teacher; Ms.Lyons

Course Description -

Algebra II and Trigonometry deepens students’ knowledge of linear, absolute value and quadratic functions from Algebra I and expands their repertoire to include exponential, logarithmic,  and trigonometric functions. It builds upon prior knowledge of multi-step algebraic equations to advance students to solve quadratic, radical, complex, exponential, rational and higher-order polynomial equations. Students develop deeper number sense, embarking on in depth inquiries into rational, irrational and imaginary numbers. Students build a conceptual framework for applying trigonometry to maritime disciplines, including wave analysis and principles of marine navigation. Students have opportunities to integrate measurement, probability and statistics. This course will offer the material necessary for a two  semester Algebra II and Trigonometry course